Peter Boswell is participating in several activities aimed at supporting the FIDIC-EFCA Sustainable Development Committee's development of best-practice guidance. The main themes are as follows:

  • UNFCCC Adaptation Committee observer: the minutes and the accompanying documents of the March 2019 committee meeting are available.
  • UN Environment Global Alliance for Building and Construction: a Buildings & Climate Change Adaptation Working Group has been formed which aims to prepare a report for COP26 (2020) that reviews  adaptation needs, approaches to adaptation, adaptation criteria, a framework for action in the buildings sector, implementation strategies, policy statements, proposed regulations, standards, codes, etc., and an estimate of the impact of actions. FIDIC is represented by Idriss Kathrada and Peter Boswell.
  • Infrastructure standards: the various infrastructure standards, notably SuRe, Envision, ISCA, and CEEQUAL treat adaptation in different ways. FIDIC aims to participate indirectly in a World Bank project to create an aligned common set of sustainable infrastructure indicators of which adaptation indicators are a key issue. 

Updated 28 March 2019

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