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Dear Designated Contact Point, we would like to inform you that the Notification to admitted IGOs and NGOs for the opening of the Online Registration System (ORS) for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Santiago, Chile, 2-13 December 2019 has been issued on our official website for your view and action:

Nominations from IGOs and NGOs must be conveyed to the secretariat only through the ORS. The secretariat will not process nominations sent by any other method.  The log in and the password you have used in the past is still valid. If you have changed your email address or have not used ORS before, you will need to create a new account.

Nomination and confirmation deadlines will be applied strictly since the secretariat is not able to process late nominations or confirmation.

ORS links:

The list of notifications and information notes can be found on our web page under "Notifications to Parties and Observers":

Information on the registration process, including guidelines on conduct at sessions, are available on the web pages for admitted IGOs and NGOs:

Information on the application period for side events and exhibits for COP 25 will be published on the Side Events and Exhibits Online Registration System (SEORS) landing page ( in due course. If you plan to organize a side event and/or exhibit, kindly be reminded that all speakers, participants, support staff, etc. must be duly registered for the conference.

Please be reminded to contact the secretariat through the ORS communication log for any registration related issues.

EU pavillion events

EFCA event partnership

EFCA is working with partner organisations to submit a joint application for a EU pavillion side event. A sample application is a COP24 application.

EC Message to EFCA (30 June 2019)


The EU Pavilion will host a broad set of side events to stimulate debate on key thematic areas by engaging observers and facilitating dialogue with party delegates and other participants.

Stakeholder organisations can apply for a side event slot.

The application process will begin Monday 8 July and end Friday 30 August. The applicants will be informed on the outcome by the end of September and the final programme will be published around mid-October.

Due to the limited amount of slots, the applicants will have to choose from a set of pre-defined topics in order to build their proposals.

We strongly suggest for the submissions to be inclusive, by incorporating several organisations/stakeholders that can be representative of the topic or sector addressed, and covering current and/or emerging issues for climate change.

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