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Managing the development of sustainable cities and communities – learning from all urban stakeholders

Networking Event 114

FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers), Switzerland

16:30 - 18:30; Tuesday, 12 Feb 2020 

Hall 3, Room 14

To better understand community concerns and capabilities in managing standards-based urban sustainable development.

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Participatory upgrading of slums and informal settlements – urban sustainability management has a key role

Networking Event 152

FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers), Switzerland, and UN-Habitat

16:30 - 18:30; Tuesday, 11 Feb 2020 

Hall 3, Room 12

Includes an innovative legal assessment tool to support informal settlement upgrading in Iran. 

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Habitat Professionals Forum: Professionals Roundtable

16:30 - 19:00; Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020

Concept Note

The breakout session for the  Strengthened climate action and improved urban environment UN Habitat domain of change is moderated by FIDIC. 

World Urban Campaign Steering Committee Meeting


Date and location to be announced

Habitat Professionals Forum Meeting


Date and location to be announced


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