A chatbot has been developed that allows users to search FIDIC contracts and to access related resources such as guidance and sample letters. The bot is available at FIDICbot on Twitter Telegram, Facebook Messenger and LINE and as a web app at FIDIC.tips/bot.

The chatbot is highly innovative and like FIDICcharts  at FIDIC.tips offers a new syle of user interface to access FIDIC contracts.

Background information is available at FIDIC.tips/bot.

The preferred version is on Twitter Telegram, Facebook Messenger and LINE. It uses Smooch as the multichannel integrator which offers a better interface than the Skype version that uses the Microsoft Bot Framework and the Twitter DMirect Messanging version that uses the Twitter DM framework. However, the source materials and the logic used to search the FIDIC contracts and obtain guidance are the same for both versions.

FIDICcharts are part of Bricad's development of advanced user interfaces for complex, structured information such as contracts and rating sysems. The other main approach currently being developed are the FIDICcharts that use a visualisation approach for an offline web app based on the d3.js Javascript visualisation library.

Updated 8 March 2018

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