FIDICcharts at gives a series of interactive charts that link to the sample letters, contract clauses and guidance needed by the Employer, Contractor and Engineer working with the FIDIC construction contracts. The browser-based app works offline on desktops, labtops and tablets.

There are two versions under development.

The latest is preferred. It uses a vertical, drop down approach and uses conventional flowcharting to structure contract clauses. See

The older version is a more advanced demo version pending the completion of all the charts. It breaks down contracts into various procedures, with a chart for each procedure. There is an upper Procedure Chart (one of 16) and a lower Principal Events chart. Both can be scanned. Searching in clauses, sample letters and guidance moves the two charts to the centre of the screen. See

The overwhelming advantage of the vertical dropdown approach is that the data files to create charts are much more simple than those for the horizontal scanning approach.

Both approaches can be used for clauses or procedures.

FIDICcharts are developed by Bricad Associates as part of Users are invited to comment on the application. Those offering useful advice will be given access to the complete version whem loading the chart data has been completed.

FIDICcharts are part of Bricad's development of advanced user interfaces for complex, structured information such as contracts and rating sysems. The other main approach currently being development is the FIDICbot, that uses a multi-channel chatbot approach.

Updated September 2018

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