A website (fo.peterboswell.net) has been maintained since 2011 that was devoted to supporting the FileOpen document encryption technology. The most updates gave  special attention to the FileOpen Viewer apps for handhelds that allow encrypted PDF files (or the access protected FileOpen OPN files generated from PDFs) to be browsed on iPad and Android devices.

A major recent activity had been to promote FileOpen technologies in packaging and brand security. FileOpen offers tools to distribute encrypted PDFs for PCs/Macs and for handheld devices and encrypted OPN files (wrapped PDFs) for secure online viewing and for handhelds.

These technologies, coupled with self-authenticated product codes and using either blockchains or conventional web-based delivery, allow purchasers of a product to scan the code on, for example, a medical package in such a way that the purchaser can be sure that the information printed on the package is 100% authentic.

Peter Boswell's presentation at a 2014 packaging conference organised by Vandagraf International  is available (PDF).

With the availabbility of in-browser PDF viewers and the fragmentation of the specialised PDF viewers' market it has become increasingly less interesting for publishers to adopt FileOpen's plugin technology (see a recent FileOpen blog item). Niche publishers that can require users of their documents to install a plugin will continue to use FileOpen as the Digitital Rights Management (DRM) is excellent.

PeterBoswell.com is currently re-evaluating the need to support FileOpen users. In the meatime the support site has been discontinued.

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