Peter Boswell gave two presentations at the CAPEC Business Opportunities Seminar in Xining, China, on 18 September 2015 that was help in association with an Asian Development Bank Business Opportunities Workshop on 17 September 2015.

1. Presentations

The presentations were:

  • Role of consulting engineers in sustainable civil and industrial infrastructure projects (PDF)
  • New developments in best practice for plant and design-build contracts (PDF)

2. Role of consulting engineers

The first was based on the results of a survey of how the engineering and consulting industry's top firms which are also in the environmental consulting sector's top 25 firms are addressing sustainability, see Blog item

3. Plant contracts

The second presentation discussed how the new infrastructure needed to address global sustainability challenges can be identified using the 4/7see Net Energy Analysis approach that models national accounts.

The Net Energy Anaysis approach has been developed by Simon Roberts and coworkers, see:

  • Article, PDF
  • INSEAD report
  • Presentation, PDF
  • Presentation, PDF; Transcript, PDF
  • Presentation, PDF
  • ARUP brochure, PDF

The presentation then described the main types of non-turnkey, contractor-design plant contracts used for investments in plant, namely the FIDIC Plant and Design Build Contract and the New Engineering Contract.

The recent publication of a modified (under licence) version of the FIDIC Plant Contract General Conditions in a standard bidding document by the Japanese development agency JICA gave an opportunity to review how the Multinational Development Banks may need to adjust the FIDIC Plant Contract as a harmonised contract similar to the MDB Harmonised Version of the FIDIC Construction Contract for employer-designed works. 

The JICA version on the Plant Contract (Design-Build SBD, July 2015, available from JICA) is mainly intended for Design-Build as opposed to Plant and the adjustments reflect this focus. Previously, Peter Boswell published proposed Particular Conditions to the MDB Harmonised Version (PDF) of the FIDIC Construction Contract General Conditions (PDF) if these conditions were to be used for design-build.

The presentation then summarised the main updates to the FIDIC Plant Contract that are expected when the new second edition is published by FIDIC in late-2016.

The case was then made that the plant contracts are increasingly used in new types of infrastructure that have specific contractual requirements (e.g., offshore windpower). Updates to the contracts need to recognise the importance of these rapidly growing areas of plant investment in order to ensure that the advantages of standard forms of contract are maintained.

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