A web application for FIDIC contract charts at FIDICcharts has been developed to help coordinate and track the various sample (sometimes called "standard") letters that are needed for a FIDIC contract. The application uses swimlane charts (a form of timeline chart) to chart the sequencing of the various letters while a contract progresses.

The application is browser-based and once accessed at FIDIC.tips it can be used offline. The app works with all major browsers on desktops, laptops and tablets except Windows touch devices.

At this stage the application is in a development stage and is being used to develop charts and the accompanying sample letters. We are currently making a big effort to complete the 16 principal charts.

The demo site only provides the text of some letters as samples. However, all charts and references to all letters will be available once they are finalised. A fee will only be required if a user requires the letters (which can be copied directly on-screeen).

Users are invited to test the app and to send comments to peter@peterboswell.com


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