Peter Boswell and his Bricad associates undertook in 2012 a top-down macroeconomic survey of the consulting engineering industry on behalf of FIDIC and EFCA (see the survey website -

Estimates were made of the demand for consulting engineering services in the European Union Member States using investment data given by National Accounts as released by Eurostat using the new ESA2010 format. Forecasts for all Member States were made available as charts at the end of 2014.

The 2016 update of the survey for the European Union and covering 2015 was released (see Summary) in July 2016. Preliminary results for the 2o EU countries were presented at the the EFCA 2017 General Assembly Meeting (Sofia, 2 June 2016) - presentation in PDF

Parts of a 2017 update covering 2016 were presented at the EFCA 2017 General Assembly Meeting (Copenhagen, June 2017).

The 2019 update was presented at the EFCA 2019 General Assembly Meeting (Dublin, June 2019): presentation PDF and summary PDF.

Update 8 May 2019

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